[2015] Alycia Swanty: MohawkAlyciaandJericho

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[2015] Alycia Swanty: MohawkAlyciaandJericho

Three Arrows Three Arrows was from the Mohawk Tribe. His name was given him when with three bone-tipped arrows he brought down three flying wild geese from the same flock.

LonghousesLonghouses were domestic dwellings built from poles and covered with sheets of elm bark.

Something to Know About The Mohawk TribeOne of the members of the Iroquois Confederacy was the Mohawk Tribe, originated in what is now the state of New York.

The Mohawk Tribe

SHELTERThe Mohawk Tribe lived in longhouses like most of the Iroquois Confederacy.

All About The Mohawk Tribe Video

Three Arrows


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