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What did the Mohawk tribe women do to help out in the family?

How do children live, and what did they do for fun in the past?

The Mohawk tribe women did many things to help out in the family. The women,not men, owned the farms. They grew and havested crops. They often hold jobs, and earned wages, or they care for their chidren at home. They gathered wild nuts, such as hickory nuts,and walnuts, and fruits such has blueberries and strawberries. They tapped maple trees to get sap, which they mixed with corn and other ingrediants to make sweeteners for there food. In concultion the mohawk tribe women did many things to help out in the family.

What happened when the Mohawk tribe had an interaction with the Europeans? Was it postitive or negitive? Why?

The Mohawk tribe people wore many different items in Summer and Winter. In Summer, men wore breechcloth with no shirts, and women wore a wraparound shirt or tunic with short leggings. In Winter, both boy and girls wore hide shirts or jackets and robes made of animal fur to keep them warm. they wore soft hide moccasins all year around. They wore fethered headresses. Women wore beaded tiaras with long hair. In conclusion, they wore many different things in Summer and Winter.

What did the Mohawk tribe wear in the Summer and Winter?


The children had a hard life , but they still did have fun. They did the samething any child would do......... play with each other. They also went to school and did chores around the house. Many children went hunting and fishing with there fathers. They had more chores then they did have time to play. Girls liked to play with cornhusk dolls. Boys tried to throw darts through a moving. Lacross was a popular sport amoung boys and men. Mohawk mothers carried there babies in a cradleboard. In conclushion, they had a hard life, but they still had fun.

The interacation was positive and negitive. It was positive becauses they traded. Mohawk tribe became one of the richest tribes. The Europeans gave them weapons like guns and that they could use on any enemy tribe. It was negitive because the Europeans broght smallpox and many other dealy dieases.

What kind of activites did the Mohawk tribe do for fun?

The Mohawk trbe did many activities for fun. They played lacross which is an activity that they belived it was given to them by the creater of all things. They also played a game called snowsnake, in this game you tke a long, wooden stickskidded it across a path and whoever gets it the farthest wins. They played darts where they tried to throw darts through a hop and the team with the most darts through wins. They also played a game called sarcred bowl game in this game they put nuts into a bowl one side had color and if you had 5 or 6 of the same color you win. Girls and women also did sewing. In conclusion, they did many activities for fun.


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