[2015] Shaun Harris: MohaveShayanandShaun

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[2015] Shaun Harris: MohaveShayanandShaun

They made two types of houses one is thatched huts the other is a sturdy wood planks packed with clay.Compare and contrast the houses then to the houses now.

Mojave artist made artifacts like coiled pottery and beaded jewelry. Women made beaded collars for their necks.

Mojave live in the southern Arizona and the southeastern California.In today's world they speak English and back then they spoke their Mojave language.


Mojave Indians wear little clothing but that clothing is men wore lion and the women wore willow-bark.

The Mojave tribe, planted and ate corn, beans, and pumpkins.Men hunted rabbits and fished for fish.

Mojave housing.

Many tribes like Chemehuevi, Cahuilla, Serrano, Tataviam, Kitanemuk, Kawaiisu, Western Momo are in the same region as the Mojave Indians.



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