Mohandas Gandhi

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Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi, was the Primary Leader for India gaining their Independence from Great Brititan. He had been born into the Caste System of India, in the caste system his famly belonged to the Modh Bania, which is the class for traders and merchants. Gandhi was considered the "poor nerd"in all of the classes that he attended, because his family didnt have the money to but him great attire for the tradtional wear. He just foucused on getting exelling grades and making his father and grandfather proud.


Mohandas Gandhi, acheived the award, Times Person of the Year in 1930 against FDR. Gandhi also had an award named after him, the Gandhi Piece Award in 1995,after he had passed.

Lasting Impact

Has decreased discrimmination againsts one another, amongst all.

Mohandas Gandhi



10/2/1869 - Gandhi was born.1883 - Gandhi was married to Kasturbai Makhanji, by arrangment at 13.1885 - Gandhi's Father, Karamchand Gandhi, dies of natural causes.1884- Gandhi leaves to London to become a barrister1894 - Gandhi founds the Natal Indian Congress.1904 - Gandhi Founds the Phoenix Settlement1906 - Gandhi introduces his philosphy of Satyagraha1913- Beginning of Gandhi's "Great March" to gain rights in South Africa.1917- Gandhi establishes Sabarmati Ashram.1920- Gandhi's independance movement begins.1965- Gandhi founds All- Indian Spinners' Association.1930- Declaration of India's Independence from Great Britian.1/3/1948- Gandhi was assassinated


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