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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Mohammed and Muzammil's glog

The Egyptian people made these pyramids for a pupose. They also built this because they were for burial places and monuments to the pharoahs. Pharoahs were also buried and all sorts of items and treasures to put in the pyramid .

The houses were designed with 4 walls for privacy. On poor sections they would share walls and in richer sections houses were standing alone. You would have your own house weather you were rich or poor. Poor people had narrow houses and rich people had large wide houses.

One of the most popular job was being a potters men. The mesopotainian poeple use to use clay buckets to lend goods or impotant things to other people. They dug clay holes, then bake the clay to make useful things. Then they realized that using other things were better than stone container.

This is one of the houses that the Ancient Egyptians use to build and it also took them about 300 years to build it, which is very long and this struture is really rare because one of the gods live in it!

This is an image of an egyption person working as a scribe which is one of the jobs of egypt.

This is a photo of one of the work of Mesopatamia which is farming and they also do this to make food. Every season they get their own vegetables and friuts.

In this video it shows some samples of hieroglyphics on papyrus paper which a scribe may has done. It also shows the letters of hieroglyphics writing.

In this video it helps you get to know how it looked in Egypt before. It shows the pyramid scenery and the beautiful sights of Acient Egypt at all times of the day, dawn, Sunrise, night, morning.

By:Mohammed, Muzammil and from Mr.Darawals class room 222

Mesopotainian Work

In the egyptian times, buildings were built by atleast with 1000 slaves, pyramids were mostly built by slaves. They were made for their kings, pharoahs. The place was ruled by the kings. The scribes were really important for those days. A french soilder found a papyrus plant to write on, and to communicate.

This is also one of the structures that poor people had to live in. They mostly had to use lots of technology because lots of people were living in it.

Home and structures(Egypt)

Mesopotaimian home structures

Egyptian work

Work and Homes for Acient Mesopotamia and Egypt!


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