Mogul Skiing

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Mogul Skiing

- Rely on accurate short-radius turns with strong pole plants.- Favor a skidded finish.- Turn entry should be pivoted.- Look to make turn on top of mogul.- Be ready to flex up front of mogul.- Focus on extending down backside of mogul.- Maintaining the skis on the snow is essential to controlling speed.- Make rounder turns to keep speed slower.- Ski straight to go FAST!!!

Technical Tips


Moguls are bumps of snow that form on any slope of terrain on a mountain from skiers pushing snow into mounds as they make turns down the slope. Moguls are formed naturally in this manner on any slope. The more skiers turn through, on, and around moguls, the more the moguls grow and more of them grow to make a mogul field. Competition moguls are created by machines for race events such as in the Olympics.

What Are Moguls?

Competition Moguls

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Naturally Made Moguls


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