module two DBA review

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module two DBA review

Good Luck on 2 . 12 Module 2 Review

1. Explain the steps you would follow to evaluate :40 + 7h – 5 where h = 6

2. Becca grew 3 more inches this year than last year. Discuss the steps you would follow to create an algebraic expression to determine how many inches Becca grew this year.

3. List a word/phrase that may be used in a word problem and means to:1. add2. substract3. multiply4. Divide

4. Identify the like terms, explain how you know they are like terms, and simplify the following expression: 8y + 4x + 10 + x - 2y.

5. Write an expression for the phrase **seven less than twice a number.** List the key words and which operations they indicate.

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