Module 9 Lesson 3 Mastery

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Module 9 Lesson 3 Mastery

The Aztecs' type of government was an Empire, because of how the region was stretched across many lands. The man depicted in the image above was the last emperor of the Aztecs, his name was Moctezumma.

The Aztecs were a group of Native Americans that lived in Mesoamerica. They had a rich culture and were advanced in society. Learn all about them in this exhibit of the museum.

The Aztec Empire

The picture shows the Native Americans trading food, crops, instruments, and various goods. The Aztecs would trade, and each person had their own occupation, therefore forming the economy and their class system.

The Aztecs' economy was based on trade and bartering. The Aztecs traded food, art, and goods with other tribes. There were many occupations such as artisans and priesets, which built up a class system, having the priest at the highest class and slaves at the lowest class. An example of their system would be like the old caste system in India and the class system in Egypt.

The Aztecs lived in the Valley of Mexico, which is located in central Mexico. The geography of where they lived were made up of mountains, valleys, islands, and swampy areas. The geography affected the Aztecs, for they had to adapt to the environment, and it shaped their culture and eating habits.

The Aztecs coqured people and local lands and over time an empire was formed. So they had an empire as their form of government. The Aztecs then had an Emperor, which lead them into battle and governed the Aztecs.

Aztec's were polythesitic, and their religion was very important to them. They built massive and detailed temples and pyramids dedicated to their Gods. The Aztec's participated in human sacrifice, for they believe that it would help the sun rise and that it pleased the Gods.

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The image above depicts an image of Hernan Cortes, a European conquistador. He defeated the Aztecs, which caused the fall of that empire.

The Aztecs valued religion a lot. They made temples and sacrificed goods and people to God. Also, the priests were the highest in the classe.

The Aztec lived in central Mexico. The geography and the environment shaped the culture, the food, and the daily life of the Aztecs.

The Aztec Empire lasted for a very long time, and though they were a strong empire everything has to come to an end. The Aztecs were defeated by conquistadors, who were lead by Hernan Cortes, and many died from foregin disease brought from the Europeans.




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