Module 9 Lesson 1 Assignment

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Module 9 Lesson 1 Assignment

This is the route we will take to get to the Indies. The journey may be long, but it will be worth every second and every penny we get.

A chance to be able to gain gold, silver, spices, silk, and so many special goods, that will make your country superior!

A Voyage worth Paying for

All these riches could be yours! All the money you give us will be worth the risk!

We're going on a journey no man has ever dreamed of venturing out before! My crew and I are going to sail around Africa to get to the Indies.

I, Vasco Da Gama, will lead ships and men on a journey, in which we will be successful in, if you help us.

Imagine how powerful your country will be when I obtain so many raw materials, such as gold, silver, lumber etc.

The Indies have many spices that will help make our foods taste so delicious! You could get some cinnamon, basil, rosemerry etc. All you have to do is fund our voyage!

We will conquer lands for you and convert many natives to Christianity. We'll obtain goods for you! What country would pass this oppurtunity up!

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