Module 6 lesson 1 practice activity

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Module 6 lesson 1 practice activity

Number Of Federal Judges-Each district court has atleast 2 judges.-Each appeal court has 6 to 27 judges.-Federal court judges are appointed by the presient with senate approval. (supreme court justices serve for life)

FeDEraL Court Systems

How Federal Courts are Organized

1) U.S. District courts: Where trials are held and lawsuits are begun.*All states have atleast 1, larger states may have 2 or 3.-District courts have original jurisdiction.2) Appeals Courts: Review decisions made in lower district courts.*They rule only only on whether the original trial was fair and protected the persons rights.

Presidential Nominations-President appoint all federal Judges-Usually Apponint judges who share their views.-Since Judges serve for life presidents view the appointments as an opportunity to affec the country after they leave office.

Magistrate Judges-Decide whether accused people should be held in jail or released on bail.-Each district court has magistrate judges-Hear Preliminary Evidence and determine whether the case should go to trial.U.S. Attorneys-Every federal judicial didtrict also havev a U.S. attorney.(Government lawyer prosecutes people accused of breaking the law)-U.S. attorneys look into the charges and present the evidence in court.-They Also represent the united states in civil cases involving the government.U.S. Marshalls-Every Federal judicial district has U.S. Marshall-Marshalls make arrest, collect fines, and take convicted to prison-Protect Jurors, keep order in court, and serve subpoenas odering people to appear in court.



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