Module 4B Post Assessment

by borumt
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Module 4B Post Assessment

Typically, as Beta students, most people would think we're like this incredibly smart, elite group of people that knows everything. Most people think we're the goody-two-shoes kids, but in reality, some of the people in the Beta Club are the same people that go out partying and drinking every weekend. Talk about Fundamental Attribution Error.

Beta Club

To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

As Beta members, we are expected to be obedient and respectful to authority. We have to conform to these standards.

As the Asch experiment studied conformity, we. as Beta members, have expectations we are to conform to and standards to follow.

The Zimbardo Prison Study examined deindividuation and how people have an influence on those around them. Being friends with others members of the Beta Club has taught me discipline, respect, and the importance of working hard in school. Having the title "Beta Member" has given me motivation to work harder because I want to maintain that "smart" reputation with people.

Sometimes people in the Beta Club can get a pretty big head. They think that because they're in the organization they're better than those who aren't. This is an example of self-serving bias.

Last year at the Beta Convention, we had a few guys that secretly brought alcohol and got drunk. Because they had to hide the beer in a hotel room, a few guys got pulled into the situation that didn't want to be in it, simply because the beer was being stashed in their room. This was a very poor decision for the guys involved, but they were all in it together, whether they wanted to be or not. This is an example of groupthink and group polarization.

The Milgram Study examined obedience and how authority figures influence it. At the State Beta Conventions both this year and last year we had certain times we had to dress up in formal wear. We didn't want to but the Beta leaders from our school told us we had to, so we obliged. We got to the general session and everyone one else in there is in jeans and tee shirts. Our school looks ridiculous because we're completely overdressed. Looks like our leaders should have just listened to us instead.



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