Module 3 lesson 1 practice activity

by ashleylittlejohn
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Social Studies

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Module 3 lesson 1 practice activity

Why were there weakenesses of the Articles ????????The weaknesses were because the articles gave a little bit to much power to the states. I say this because states begin to hurt each others trade, if they didnt approve of laws they were able to ignore them, they didn't have a judicial branch which means know one was nor could enforce laws. In a way the article was too weak, they needed something more stable so that it made if fair for the states and National Government.

*included unified army*each state had one vote*ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of states*Drawn up by secod continental congress

* National government couldn't enforce laws.* National government couldn't tax.* Needec 9 out of 13 states approval to pass law.*states started taxing one another & hurting trade.

Disadvantages of Articles

Module 3 Lesson 1 Practice Activity

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Advantages Of Articles

States vs. Natioal Governmnet

Continental Congress



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