Module 3 Consolidation

by SilverStars
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Module 3 Consolidation

Module Three Consolidation

... Allows for students to explore interests ... Allows for deep dives into course content ... Is self-directed student learning ... has the Teacher work as a facilitator ... Provides creative options for showing learning ... Has built in opportunities for reflection and feedback ... Provides opportunities for student collaboration

Ways teachers can support students  - Provide descriptive feedback - Incorporate many opportunities for formative assessment in order to assess student understanding - Re-design tasks to meet student needs - Use of multiple types of media to allow for access to material for all learners - Solicitation of student voice for activities/assessment opportunities - Provide student choice boards scaffolded based on expectations to be achieved - Use technological tools that work with the interest and skill levels of students in class - Using and promoting various assistive technologies to ensure that students of all abilities can be successful

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