Module #2/Language Development Education

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Module #2/Language Development Education

Week 4How Languages Are LearnedLanguage Development Stages of ChildrenTED Talk - Patricia KuhlWhat does is mean to Know a Language?Week 5Lightbrown and SpadaStephen Krashen/Language Acquisition How did you learn your second language?Week 6Who is a Good Second Language Learner?WIDA10 Principles of Language DevelopmentTeen Speaks over 20 Languages

Module 2 Language Development and Education

Lightbrown and Spada

WIDA10 Principles of Language Development1. Students' languages and cultures are valuable resources to be tapped and incorporated into schooling.2. Students' home, school, and community experiences influence their language development.3. Students draw on their metacognitive, metalinguistic, and metacultural awareness to develop proficiency in additional languages.4. Students' academic language development in their native language facilitates their academic language development in English. Conversely, students' academic language development in English informs their academic language development in their native language.5. Students learn language and culture through meaningful use and interaction.6. Students use language in functional and communicative ways that vary according to context.7. Students develop language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing interdependently, but at different rates and in different ways.8. Students' development of academic language and academic content knowledge are inter-related processes.9. Students' development of social, instructional, and academic language, a complex and long-term process, is the foundation for their success in school.10. Students' access to instructional tasks requiring complex thinking is enhances when linguistic complexity and instructional support match their levels of language proficiencyID

Week 4"All Classrooms are Language Learning Environments."Discussion Board~Children learn language during a certain time period.~Critical Period Hypothesis~Codeswitching

Kathryn HuffmanGroup 3

Stephen Krashen

Week 5"How did you learn your second language?"~Finding the right word~How learning a new language impacts ones identity~How did you learn your second language?

Week 6"Who is a Good Second Language Learner?"Characteristics of the ability to learn a second language~personality~age~motivation~intelligence

On a personal note - reading THE CIRCUIT - was eye opening - a highlight of the class!


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    This is an amazing blog. You provide everything in this model in detail with through explanation of every thing. especially the WIDA part with so many useful information. Good Job !

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