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module 2

The A,B,C Strategy for looking at BehaviorA The Antecedent (When?)This is what happens before the behavior occurs. Make note of what was happening in the class before the student starting misbehaving. This has a lot to do with routines in the classroom. B The Behavior (What?)This is what the student is doing that the teacher considers a "problem behavior". When the teacher has found the cause of this behavior from looking at the antecedent, he/she can find ways to help stop the behavior.C The Consequence (Why?)This is what happens right after the behavior occurs. What is the consequence for that behavior? Does the consequence actually make the student want to continue the behavior or stop the behavior. An example would be if a student is talking out to get attention during a lesson. If the consequence is stopping the lesson to yell at the student, he is getting the attention that he wanted.

An ExampleUsing the A,B,Cs

FBA TemplateBy: Holly Hughes

Use the A,B,Cs

A: The teacher doesn't have a set morning routine and the student wants the teacher's attention

B: The student yells out and disrupts the morning work.

C: The student want attention and a set schedule. The teacher should work one on one with the student more and make a morning routine.

Strategies for Managing Behavior in the Classroom



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