Module 14 Lesson 4 Assignment

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Social Studies
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Module 14 Lesson 4 Assignment

Franklin D. Roosevelt replace Herbert Hoover as president during the Great Depression, becasue Hoover wasn't very populat with the people.

The Great Depression was a time of misery and sorrow, and the whole world had to face it!

The Great Depression in America

Many people were unemployed during the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression, many new programs and ideas were introduced. There was unemployment insurance, regulations of the Stock Market and banks, lower interest rates and taxes, and high tariffs. There were many other plans that helped improved society and make sure that a horrific event like the Great Depression never happened again.

The great depression was a time of sorrow and grief. Many people had lost their jobs, family members, and valuable things, and everyone balmed President Hoover. Hoover failed to solve the issue, and didn't help and try to improve things, and was therefore very badly defeated by President FDR.

Capitalism was always in America, but during the Great Depression, there were some Socialist concepts that were introduced to the U.S. Old Age pensions, unemployment insurance, regulations on banking and the stock market were all introduced.

The Great Depression, was a rough time period to live in. People lost their jobs, many commited suicide, there was a lot of tension, little work, and there was a loss of faith and stability.

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