Module 14 Lesson 2 Assignment

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Social Studies

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Module 14 Lesson 2 Assignment

1. Revolution of 1905- Czar Nicholas II promised reform, but delivered little real change.2. The Duma were council assemblies which were created by the Czar of Russia. It is a form of Russian governmental institution.3. The Russo-Jpanese War was the first great war of the 20th century. Victorious Japan forced Russia to abandon it's policy in the Far East.

1.Red Army- formed by the Bolsheviks to fight the White Army.2. White Army- made up of army leaders, political opponents of the Bolsheviks, and wealthy Russians.3.Checka- Soviet state security organization.4. Versailles Treaty- Peace treaty made after WWI. People believe it laid the ground work for the rise of the Nazi's and the outbreak of WWII, because of the harsh conditions of Germany.

1. Alexandr Kerensky- leader of the duma.2. Marxism-Leninism; abolish private property, and enforce social equality.3. Lenin became leader- established radical Communist program; made private ownership of land illegal; land was given to peasants

Timeline of Russian Events






1. Losses in the War outnumbered victories.2.Grigory Rasputin- immoral and corrupt.3. Revolution in Petrogad- ploice, soldiers refused to shoot rioters, government was helpless.

1. Alexander II- the emancipation of serfs.2. Alexander II- A period of repression after 1866 led to a resurgence of revolutionary terrorism and to Alexander's own assassination.3. Alexander III- enforced Russification.

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