Module 14 Lesson 1 Assignment

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Social Studies
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Module 14 Lesson 1 Assignment

In Socialism and Communisum everyone earns the same amount of money, wears the same clothes, and own the same things.

Capitalism is a system in which the people can make a profit, own private property, and the people work hard, unlike Socialism and Communisum.


This is an example of Capitalism, for a man is working very hard in order to make a profit and earn a lot of money.

In Socialism and Communisum, society is more important, everyone is equal, and the government controls everything. The wealth is spread out evenly, so people don't even have to work and they'll still have the same thing as everyone else. There isn't any private ownership, individauls don't matter, and no one can get rich.

Capitalism motivates people to earn money, give them the incentive to work hard, and even though it may make some people poor, make people greedy, and owners may mistreat some of their workers to make money, capitalism is still better than Socialsim and Commusium. Besides nothing is perfect. Everything has flaws.

Socialism and Communisum makes the rich give up all their goods and riches. There isn't any motivation to work harder, individuals don't matter, and no one can get rich. Communisum and Socialism limits what a person can achieve and do in their life, unlike Capitalism.

Capitalism is where the worker is most important. Workers can make a profit, if they work really hard, and tend to do better in life if they do. With the idea of profit, people are motivated to work harder in order to get more money.

Capitalism is the best system of them all!

In Capitalism anyone can make a profit and earn a lot of money by working hard, unlike in socialism and communisum.

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