Module 12 Lesson 2 Mastery

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Social Studies

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Module 12 Lesson 2 Mastery

1. What do you think identity theft is?It is when someone else is able to hack your computer from another computer to steal you information to use you information for their own purpose. 2. What information do you have in your wallet or purse that an identity thief could use?Nothing, the subject being interviewed carries nothing in her purse that an identity thief could use.3. How can a thief use this information? If she had anything the thief could damage you financial standing, reputation, do money transition.4. What is a credit report used for? To check your credit statue or rank, like if you have high credit score means that you are trustworthy and it’s easier to receive low, and if you have bad credit score then it’s harder to receive bank loans. 5. Where do you suggest that people keep their credit card numbers? Somewhere it is not electronic and in your wallet only if everything is encoded. 6. Do you keep your ATM, credit and debit card receipts? Why or why not? No, she safely disposes of them because they carry important personal information that if stolen can affect her.

lesson 2 mastery


7. Do you check the receipt charges with the charges on your monthly statement? Yes to make sure that she is not being charge extra or stolen from.8. Have you ever found a fraudulent charge on your bank statement? No, beacuse she made sure that her bank statements are not being charged extra.

9. Do you destroy pre-approved credit card applications? Is so, why? Yes, because they have personal information that should not fall in the hands of thieves. 10. Have you ever used your credit card for unsolicited phone purchases? No, because these type of purchases are not safe all the time.

11. Do you know what a secure browser is? If so, why is it important for Internet purchases? Yes, it’s important for internet purchases because it keeps websites from tracking you through spyware, keystroke memorizing websites, and other hacking troubles.

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