Module 11 Lesson 1 Assignment By Adya Mahajan

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Social Studies
World & Ancient History

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Module 11 Lesson 1 Assignment By Adya Mahajan

The famous inventor and scientist GalileoGalilei has improved our society and spreadso much knowledge. He has inventedinstruments, and discovered many thingsabout this universe.

Galileo Galilei has improved our society with his discoveries and knowledge! Help him make more innovations by funding him with some money. You won't be disappointed!

Fund A Great Scientist of Our Time

Galielio has helped us discover how and what the weather will be, by inventing various tools such as the thermometer.

Galileo has throughout the years come up with inventions, ideas, and discoveries, that have improved the world and proved some old claims and theories wrong.

Galielio has found a lot of information about the universe and space. He knows the world is round and supports the helicentric theory. He has found four moons of Jupitor, and has made many other key discoveries as well.

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Galileo has made many discoveries, such as finding that Jupiter has four moons. He can make many more fantastic discoveries with your funding.

Galileo has made many inventions throughout his time. This one is a telescope, an object that helps us see things that are far, up close. A telesscope has helped him discover many things about the universe.

Perhaps one day Galielio will find a way for us to travel to space, and land on the moon. But the only way he'll achieve many incredible things, is if you're willing to help him. If you fund him, Galielio might name an inventioin after you. Help Galielio today.

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