Moduel 2 - Language, Development and Education

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Moduel 2 - Language, Development and Education

Module # 2Language Development and Education

Three theoretical positions of first language acquisition:1. The behaviourist perspective:Language learning is the result of imitation, practice, feedback on success, and habit formation.2. The innatist perspective:The basic structure of language is inborn - the Universal Grammar and the Critical Period Hypothesis. 3. Interactionist/developmental perspectives:Language is acquired through interaction with external world and usage-based learning along with cognitive development.

Fangfei GuoGroup #2


Ways to study the language of second language learners:1. Contrastive analysis, error analysis, and interlanguageErrors during second language acquisition are assumed to be the result of transfer from learners' first language.2. Developmental sequencesSecond language learners, like first language learners, pass through sequences of development.3. More about first language influenceLanguage distance between L1 and L2, and cross-linguistic influence can also affect L2 learning.


Individual characteristics in second language learning:Intelligence, language learning aptitude, learning styles, personality, attitudes and motivation, motivation in the classroom, identity and ethnic group affiliation, and learner beliefs

Four perspectives of second language learning:1. The behaviourist perspective:Audiolingual instruction, mimicry and memorization, and linked with contrastive analysis2. The innatist perspective:Five hypotheses of Monitor Model: acquisition/learning, monitor, natural order, comprehensible input, and affective filter


3. The cognitive perspective:# modified interaction and corrective feedback# importance of awareness and attention# input processing# processability theory# interactive, meaningful, and task-focused practice4. The sociocultural perspective:Learning by talking: comprehensible output and collaborative dialogue that focuses on form and meaning at the same time


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    I liked how you highlighted in different colors and labeled it by weeks! Lots of information here! Great job!

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    Hi Fangfei,

    Nice job! I really enjoyed your language video. You did a really nice and easy to understand summary of the different theories and stages of language learning.

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    I think you did a good job on your organization of this glog. It was easy to follow and summarized the module well. I had the module following yours (Language Development and Education part 2) and I feel like your glog is a good predecessor for mine.

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    wonderful on the summarizing part , and which is more helpful si that you highlight the part that is very clear to understand main point. Plus, i like the videos in your blogs, too. Good job!

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    The individual characteristics of second language learning is so interesting to me - great that you included the list.

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    I really like how detailed you were with your Glog. I also like how you organized your Glog by week. The videos were very helpful as well.