Modern Mexican Culture

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Modern Mexican Culture

Modern Mexican Culture

There are many modern Mexican music genres in the Mexican culture. A favorite of genre that is frequently used to dance to are cumbias (upbeat dancing). Also another type of genre that they use just to listen to or occasionally dance to are norteños (band with accordion). One of which is one of the oldest but is still sang and listened to today is Mariachi (group of 2-6, which could be only instruments). Modern Mexican music will continue to influence the culture.

Modern Mexican dancing is very different than what people think of dancing, today. They do quebraditas which is fast solo dancing. Also a very popular type of dancing is durangense which is partner dancing to durangense music. Lastly they also dance to Norteñas which is basically dancing to Norteño music. Modern Mexican dancing has evolved over the years to what it is known today (“Sydney Hutchinson”).

Mexican cuisine has a unique and delicious food. The Mexican people enjoy eating many foods that include enchiladas, menudo, tacos, tortas, burritos, and many more. They also include many side with their food to give it a better taste that include Mexican ride, guacamole, tortillas(Arina and Miaz), salsa, frijoles, and so much more. Mexicans can also make and eat many desserts such as flan, cake de tres leches, chocolate cake, bunulos, arozz con leche, and so much more (


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