Modern Day Slavery

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Modern Day Slavery

When people see salvery in the news or video ithey just say that its just wrong for people to do slavery and don't really do anything about it. What if people see as a different perspective like if it was them in that situation or one of their love ones. People need to see the world and a differents way in order to understand that the world they live is turely free and should be thankfull for it and try to make an organization to help make a differance in the world and every change would help.

Types of slavery

- 10-30 million people are taken in slavery- Kids are taken into salvery- cost up $8 per slave- maily found in africa and asia- no pay- no food- hard conditions- in danger all the time

There is many different types of moder day slavery around the world today. When people this of slavery they think just doing hard labor all day, that might be ture but there is more types out there in the world. kids at a young age are being taking away from their parents inculding young girls too. The girls are sex slaves and are force to have sex with the highest bitter for the first time. Other types inclued working for very little money or against their will.

Slavery Quote

You may look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know- William Wilberforce

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Modern Day Slavery

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