Modern Day Slave

by drpetroze
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Modern Day Slave

Expand!Shyima never went to school. This can be seen through the quotes. Her "guardians" lied about waiting to get into school. Instead of going to school, she worked. She needs to go to school because it is a right. She has a right to be educated.

School is a RIGHT

CLAIM:The Article "A Modern Day Child Slave" violates the Children's Bill of Right number 17, which is the right to Education.

"For four years, Shyima, 12 had been living a nightmare. She was not allowed to go to school."

"The detective wanted to kow why that distant relative wasn't going to school."

"Shyima not only graduated from high school at 18-despite having never been to school before she was rescued-but also went on to college."

"Shyima learned English and started going to school."



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