Modern architecture

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Modern architecture

ParthenonParthenon’s construction began in 447 bce and was completed 432 bce. Phidias is a Greek sculptor who built parthenon. It was made in Athens, Greece

Esential Questions

Greco Roman Architecture

PantheonPantheon is a church in italy. The adjective pantheon means “Honor all Gods”. It was dedicated to Romulus, their mythological founder.

Temple of JupiterThe Temple of Jupiter was made by Libon, a Roman architect. Located on Capitoline Hill It was completed in 509 B.C.They used columns for support.

What materials were used to make their buildings?How long did it usually take to build one of their buildings?why did they use columns?

Religious Buildings

Temple of PoseidonPericles was the famous Athenian leader that built the Temple of Poseidon. The Temple of Poseidon was made in 440 B.C.EIt was made of marble and had many columns. It was rectangular.


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