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Language Arts

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I must buy some food.(OBLIGATION)

You mustn’t smoke here. (PROHIBITION)

It might hurt.(POSSIBILITY)

She needs to go to the hospital, she feels so bad.(NECESSITY)

When he was a child, he couldn’t swim. (PAST ABILITY)

Can I go to the cinema with you? (REQUEST)

I can ride a horse.(ABILITY)

I can give you my homework. (ABILITY)

She’s able to run 20 miles. (ABILITY)

We can’t cook.(ABILITY)

Tom will be able to drive home.(ABILITY)

She can’t be a teacher, she never studies.(INABILITY)

We have to help our friends.(NECESSITY)

It may rain a lot today.(POSSIBILITY)

Could you close the window? (REQUEST)

Could you go to Barcelona at the weekend? (SUGGESTION)

They can’t speak on the library. (PROHIBITION)

We could win the championship. (POSSIBILITY)

Would you teach the lesson again?(REQUEST)

You needn’t bring breakfast tomorrow. (LACK OF OBLIGATION)

I don’t have to buy new clothes.(LACK OF OBLIGATION)

My sister must be in the shopping center.(CERTAINTY)

You should tell your parents. (ADVICE)

Would you go to the beach?(OFFER)

May I open the door? (REQUEST)

Alice ought to train more.(OPINION)



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