Modal verbs

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Modal verbs

Use for:-> Obligation-> Lack of obligationExamples:- You have to buy a ticket.- You don't have to shout, I can hear you.

Use for:-> Opinion-> AdviceExamples:- They shouldn't eat so much sweets.- Marie should study harder.

1: They don't use an 's' for the third person singular.2: They make questions by inversion ('she can go' becomes 'can she go?').3: They are followed directly by the infinitive of another verb (without 'to').

Use for:-> Obligations-> Certainty that something is trueExamples:- He must wear a tie.- Students mustn't use their phones in class.

Use for:-> Ability-> Suggestion -> RequestExamples:- Nicole can drive, but she hasn't a car.- He could walk when he where three.

Can and could

Modal verbs

Must and mustn't

Should and shouldn't

Have to and don't have to

Comic with modal verbs



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