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Mod (a short for: modernist) is a British youth subculture of the early to mid-1960s and was briefly revived in later decades. Focused on music and fashion, the subculture has its roots in a small group of London-based stylish young men in the late 1950s who were listenening to modern jazz.

... don't you dare confuse mods with the rockers, who also had scooters, but were mods' arch enemies !

WHO were the MODs

Girls were dressed very andrygonuosly: → male shirts and trousers→almost no makeup → short haircuts

Typical boy was dressed in:→ tailor-made suits with narrow lapel→ thin tie→ button-down collar shirt→ wool jumper→ Chelsea boots

Every mod had his own scooter !

"My Generation" by The Who - listen to the song here!

We are the voice of mod generation!

"Quadrophenia" (1973) - the movie about mods written by mods

watch Sting's film debut in "Quadrophenia" !


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