Mocking Bird

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Mocking Bird

-To Kill a Mockingbird was published in the 1960's-Harper Lee is 87 years old- Mokingbird has sold over 30 million copies- Harper ranks one of the crankiest writers - Lee relied on perspiration as much as inspriation during the drawn-out creation of the book-Lee would say straightforwardly that the success of Mockingbird “overwhelmed” her-Lee has come to accept that she will publish only one book, and to enjoy that she exceeded her expectations in doing so- Lee has steadfastly refused to take part in the merchandising of her most famous accomplishment-One thing Mockingbird lacks is what salespeople might call synergistic potential: it has no series mates, or even a sequel, that can help turn a book into a brand-Lee has never discussed her output, or lack of one, publicly

Harper Lee's Novel Achievement Lee's Novel Achievement#