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Mockinbird project

The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird

SignificanceThe Mockingbird is a significant symbol in this novel because it is a reocurring object that we see appear multiple times in the story.. The Mockingbird is used to represent the innocent, who aren't protected by society. In the novel we can compare Tom Robinson to a Mockingbird because Tom is also innocent but isn't being protected by society. A Mockingbird could also represent Boo Radley, because he always stays in his house never bothering anyone, just like a Mockingbird never bothers anyone.


This video is one with Jem, Scout, Atticus and Walter Cunningham all eating together. This video shows Atticus explaining to his kids why they should not kill a Mockingbird. This video is relevant to our topic of why you shouldn't kill a Mockingbird because it explains that Mockingbird's don't do anything bad to us, all they do is sing their hearts out.



"They don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us."-Pg. 90

"But remember its a sin to kill a Mockingbird."-Pg. 90

To Kill a MockingbirdBy: Harper Lee


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