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mock practical

Healthy Lunch BoxMock Practical and Workflow

2. Provide a workflow.

1. List contents of lunch box.

For example:Time Tasks Utensil/equipment7.30 am Collect utensils Scrap bowl/bin, Cutting board, grater, cooks knife, Before school buttering knife etc7.35 am Collect ingredients Tomato, carrot, sliced ham, lettuce etc.7.40 am Prepare (perishables)sandwich Slice tomato, grate carrot, butter as above bread with mayonnaiseetc. 7.45 Prepare (semi-perishables ) Wrap biscuits/muffins/popcorn etcAnzac biscuits

3. Short responses - Justify your choices

Sandwich/wrap, beverage, fruit, biscuit/muffin, dip, popcorn etc. List each individual item e.g. Salad Sandwich – 2 x wholegrain bread 2 slices of tomato ½ small cucumber 2 x lettuce leaf 4 x Anzac biscuits

In reference to the ‘6 Food Nutrients’ – carbohydrates, protein, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water.


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