[2015] Daniel Colley: Moby Dick

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[2015] Daniel Colley: Moby Dick

Moby DickBy: Herman Melville

While reading the book I really enjoyed the way the author wrote it kept you on edge and didn’t let you downplay anything while reading. I really liked how each of the characters feared Moby Dick, besides captain Ahab, yet they followed him through everything all for their own specific reasons coming from their background. The plot of the book was a David and Goliath theme, a crew going to take on the biggest monstrosity was such an epic thought it had me hooked on the book fast. The pace was good it seemed to slow a little at some points while the pursuit went on but it only made the big events even more explosive.



Captain Ahab:A Captain single mindely hunts for Moby Dick to get his revenge. He's mad over the whale "It’s a white whale, I say . . . a white whale. Skin your eyes for him, men; look sharp for white water; if ye see but a bubble, sing out" (113).Ishmael:Narrator of the story and part of the crew. He wanted an escape from his dull life and he definetly got one. Very famous quote to start the book "Call me Ishmael" (1)Queequeg: A Tatooed up Native ameriacan harpoonist who becomes Ishmael's best friend. He leaves his homeland as a prince to seek adventure. He fought the whale before "Think, think of thy whale-boat, stoven and sunk! Beware of the horrible tail!" (156).

The book starts out in New York. Ishmael describes it to be very bland and deprived of excitement. He said to have a "damp, drizzly November in soul" (1) illustrating the need for adventure. Most the book takes place on the open sea or at different harbors.


Daniel ColleyPeriod 2November 2, 2015

Text to selfI can connect this to myself because in the past I have had to face challenges that seemed impossible but I got out there and did what I could and I have come to realize that you can have all the support you want but in the end its self-determination. In Moby Dick they face an extraordinary challenge and they crew each have their own way of preparing themselves

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