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Mobile Learning


Some administrators at schools are asking the question "why do all students need to have a Mobile Device, Can't students share"? Budgets ultimatly decide how moneys are spent, but the argument is strongly supporting each student having access to a Mobile Learning Device in the 21st Century Classroom. The world of Technology is upon us, whether we accept it or not the way we learn in the classroom has changed. Students need their own devices so they can communicate with one other on ideas, collaborate and share infromation increasing their learining threshold. Students can evaluated each others work, share ideas to better their assignments prior to handing them in.

Punchlist supporting Mobile Learning: - Students can use for picture taking on feild trips. - Students can work on assignments on the go or wherever they are. - Students can share information. - Students can gather information, recording ideas or information on field trips or PBL assignments. - Students can communicate with each other and the teacher. - Students can grow with the technology world. - Students stay on task and are more motivated.

Many students have Mobile Learning Devices and are contantly in trouble for being on them. We as teachers need to support their passions and be creative by taping into these devices creating a Mobile Learning Inviroment. . Why not? The kids love using them and the devices aren't going away. Soon every student will carry a mobile learning device and we should unlock the fear and stranglhold we've put on them.

Can you imagine unleashing a studentsdesire to read using a Mobile Learning Device? What would this do to learning accross the board? Reading is the foundation of all learning and we would see new learning barriers broken.

Negitive? Mobile devices can be hard for a teacher to manage as students play games on them, text and use social media. This could be extreeemly distrupting in a classroom. Is it worth it? Most say it is as the results of learning good. Students are excited about their projects, class work, learning; students are creating a fun indepentant learning inviroment.

My Classroom will use all the Mobile Learning devices available.

Reasons to use a Mobile Learning Device in your classroom. - So many uses on a field trip. - Calculator for Math - Videos, Camera use for projects - Research - Homework or Class work anywhere you are. - Communication with other students and teacher - Transfer Documents, paperless. - Keep files and records. - Use of learning Apps. - In a 21st Century Classroom; connecting with ideas students from around the world.



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