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Mobile Learning

START here by listening to our Voki introduction!

View these videos to see the student engagement unfolding through the use of mobile learning!

Why do learners want to learn on the mobile? Click below for a larger view!

Mobile Learning

Think Kindergarten is too young for technology? Think again! See how Superintendent Tom Morril within Auburn, Maine has proposed mobile learning stating, "It's a revolution in education."

While the pros are endless for our primary learners, concerns exist and our worth considering within mobile learning. View the pros and cons within Edutopia's Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know above. Brainstorm how your school will conquer the challenges of distractions, cost and a reliable wireless access if implementing BYOD.

Check it out! Edudemic lists ten exiting ways to effectively use mobile phones in the classroom.

Check out the executive summary on pages 1 and 2 of this study. It explores what parents think about mobile devices for early childhood and K-12 learning.

What is mobile technology?Mobile technology allows us to engage with technology through the use of mobile devices. What is mobile learning?Mobile learning allows educators to incorporate and integrate mobile technology in order to engage our students and learn through technology!

See just how Sandy Plains Elementary in Baltimore County uses iPods in their classroom. What are the students, teachers and their principal's views towards mobile learning?

END here by listening to our Voki conclusion!



Just how do you use mobile learning with primary learners? See above for how Kathy Cassidy reacts to such a question. She uses iPads for engagement, collaboration, instant feedback, showing their learning, pursuing their own interests and making connections!

Check out how first grade teacher Eric Crouch uses iPads in his classroom. How has their learning experience changed through the use of iPads?

"…the thing is 'mobile sets Learning Free' and we can now learn virtually anything, anywhere and anytime and that's amazing."-RJ Jacquez


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