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Language Arts

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Mo Willems

PINTEREST! (Mo Willems)Mo Willems: 'I Want My Books To Be Played' (2015, February 12). Retrieved from Willems, M. (2013, January 23). Mo Willems FAQ. Retrieved from

Mo Willems

Speech Bubble Mini Lesson: "Our First Words" poster with a baby picture (or drawing of) and a speech bubble for each child's first word(s). Corresponds to Trixie's first words. 2nd GradeElephant and Piggie Mad Libs: Create a set of mad libs with verb and noun fill in the blanks for elephant and piggie in order to practice parts of speech. 3rd GradeKnuffle Bunny Writing Prompt: Have the students draw a picture and write a sentence or two about a special object they have. 2nd Grade

Mo Willem's Craft Movesphotographs and drawingsBIG TEXT=read it loudlysmall text=read it softlyword bubbles and linesellipses...A.C.T.I.O.N. linesshowing anger with steammany ideas on one pageinside cover illustrationsshow feelings with picture detailsOriginalMultiple Meanings (age, sex, # times read)

How and Why

by: Alison Young


Enjoyable, Humorous textsEasy to emulateA large body of various kinds of workMo is both author and illustratorMo's books are open-ended, playful, and they foster creativity while being relevent to any age group

Classroom Incorporation


Mo began as a writer and animator for PBS's Sesame Street, served as a commentator for BBC Radio, created two animated series: Nickelodeon's The Off-Beats and Cartoon Network's Sheep in the Big City, was head writer for Cartoon Network's Codename: Kids Next Door.

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"Kids are shorter than adults, they're not stupider."--Mo Willems

"The age of five is the most philosophical age you can be. You're useless. You're not paying rent. But you're asking questions: Why are people mean? What is death? Can I drive a bus? The core, Greek, fundamental, existential questions"--Mo Willems



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