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Mo Willems

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Instructions by: Heidi Butkus1. Draw an oval for the head near the top of the page.2. Draw an oval for the eye ball and fill it in black. Then circle it. Draw an arrow for the top of the beak. Draw a smaller arrow under it for the bottom beak.3. Draw two lines going down for the long neck. Then draw two lines going across on the neck for the pigeon’s collar or stripe.4. Draw a line going across behind the pigeon for his back.5. Find the bottom of the first neck line and hold your pencil there. Starting there, make a big smileand connect it to the other line.6. Draw a smile for the pigeon’s wing7. Draw a half of a lid to for the top of pigeon’s wing8. Draw a capitol Y upside down for each foot. Draw a extra line in the middle of the Ys for extra toes.9. Now your pigeon is complete.10. Color your pigeon anyway you like.

*Born: February 11, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois*When he was 3, he started to draw and create characters.*He found his love of writing using these characters*He is an American writer, animator, and creator of children's books*He graduated NYU tisch school of the arts in 1990* He started making funny stories when he was little

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Mo Willems

Drawing Pigeon Activity

"The difference between children and adults is that their shorter-not dumber." ~Mo Willems

*6 Emmy's for Sesame Street*Caldecott Award for "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", "Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale", "Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity"*Carnegie Medal for Knuffle Bunny and Don't Let the Pigeons Ride the Bus*Theodore Seuss Geisel Award for "There's a Bird on your Head", "Are you ready to play outside?" and "We are in a book."



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Kindergarten: Literature Standard 7


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