Mnemonic Devices

by aboliver
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Social Studies

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Mnemonic Devices

If you've ever had trouble studying , or remembering then i've got a solution for YOU!

Mnemonic Devices are a type of rhyme, or formula that help to assist your memory.

If you're interested ...

Then here are some strategies you may find useful.





If you find yourself having trouble connection a name to a face you may want to try an association method. Meaning try to associate the person'sname to a physical feature that may stick out. Like a scar, or small nose.Then connect the two into a neat rhyme. Like sally side cut. Side cut for the style hair she may have, and her name.

When creating a mnemonic device remember that this is a process and will require you to not only create the mnemonic device, but recite and remember it.

Mnemonic devices are easy to make, all you have to do is relate them with the information you are trying to learn. Ex. Spring ahead; Fall back. This is the mnemonic device for day light savings time. In the Fall the clock with "fall" back an hour, in the spring it will "spring" forward an hour.

If you want to create a mnemonic device for order then you can use the pegword strategy. Which is using numbers to rhyme with the information you want to learn in order. For example, "one is bun, two is shoe, three is tree," and so on.





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