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Furry Friends Love M&M's Too!!!!!

Forest Marscreated M&M's on purpose!!

Are all M&M's the same in flavor:Yes the colors are for fun because I wouldn't like all white M&M's would you???

I think more people like M&M's because in commercials they have characteristics and that makes them more fun!!!THEY ONLY HAVE 4 FINGERS!

What were the original colors of M&M's: Red,Yellow,Green,and Brown.

List of things to do with M&M's:Put them in bar graphorder according to color2.Have a friend over and have taste test to see if they think it taste different? THEY DON'T!3.Glue them to paper to make a picture4:test how long it takes to melt in your mouth5:Use them to make music.6:Try to remove the shell with out damaging the chocolate!!7.use them for make-up

They were made during the Spanish Civil War in 1931-1939 and the candy codeing kept it from melting and that is why it is a solodier friendley food!

All M&M's were the same color they were brown until1954!!!

The M&M's slogan is ''The M&M's melt in your mouth not in your hand''

The orange color was not created till 1976!!!

Red M&M's were discontinued in the mid 70's because of conserns that red food coloring was connected to cancer!!

Red M&M's were finally brought back in 1987 when people demanded it's return

Holiday blends of special colors were developed in the early 80's!!!!!!

In 90's two new flavors penut butter chocolate & almond M&M's

People voted for new colors Pink & Purple were considered but blue won!!!

Crisspy chocolate candies intro.1999!!

Ms. Green the first and only girl was created in 1997

1996 charactersfor M&M's were developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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