MLK VS Malcolm X

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MLK VS Malcolm X


Civil Rights 1963 - MLKspeech1964 -Civil right act 1965-X killed 1967- Loving 1968- MLK killed

MLK accompished his goal for freeing blacks by encourging blacks to join him in his protest (Peacefully) and they got more free rights. Plus he got the nobel peace prize and other awards. While Malcolm X protested (aggresivly) and didn't get to far. Though Malcolm thoght diffrently than anyone else, he was given many opportunities at lots of diffrent collages However, he did lead the unity rally.

Lasting Impact

MLK affetced our world by freeing black americans while Malcolm thought diffrently.


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Malcolm XVS MLK

Diffrent Thoughts

During the Civil Rights movement two guys thought diffrently on how to get black americans their freedom. Malcolm X or known as Malcolm Little Thought it had to be done the violent way. While MLK (Martin Luther King) Thought it should be done peacefully. Malcolm was a muslim and hated everyone. Malcolm also joind the lack Panthers, a organized group of blacks that would hurt or kill anyone. Though after a while Malcolm decided to be nonviolent. But he died a few years after MLK did. More people thought that it would be best to do it peacefully insted, Even though some blacks thought Malcolm was right.


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