MLK Speech on Vietnam War

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MLK Speech on Vietnam War

MLK Speech on Vietnam War 1967

Point from King's Speech The point I picked in Martin Luther King Jr. was that he stated "If we do not stop our war against the people of Vietnam immediately, the world will be left with no other alternative than to see this as some horrible, clumsy, and deadly game we have decided to play." (line 308-311 page 159.)If we do not stand to help those in other countries that need assistance, then who will help them.

Similar Point in today's worldThe Syrian civil war conflict relates to Dr. King's satement because this war has been going on since the early spring in 2011. More than 250,000 syrians have lost their life in four-and- a-half years of armed conflict. By June 2013 90,000 people have been killed in the conflict. The united states, and other European countires has helped many syrian's refugees. Russia has been one of Syria's staunchest allies for decades. Russia surprised the world when it launched its first airstrikes in Syria. Russia has been targeting ISIS and rebels. Russia and the U.S are both carrying out bombing raids in Syria but are at odds over the best stragety. Together the United States and Russia have the ability to create a difference and make a change. Not doing this would lead to devastion.

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