MLK Speech on Vietnam War

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MLK Speech on Vietnam War

MLK Speech on Vietnam War 1967

In my opinion, Donald Trump is going against the Constitution. He says he wants to make America better but is that really what he's doing? He's making racism a bigger problem in America. With Trump as America's next Preident, The United States won't be the same. I believe that he can change many things in America and make them better with his money, but it's not all about the money. Racism will need to end one day and Trump isn't helping any. Instead he is encouraging it around America.

Martin Luther King Jr. stood up to America to make a difference. He wanted to end racism, discrimintion and violence. He was against everything that the Constitution was against. He wanted the world to be a good place to live in. I agree with his quote because America will never have the image of revolution, freedom, or democracy but instead, it will have an image of violence.

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