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Using Glogster in Social Studies

Research Projects - Famous People - Facts about countries being studied - Cause and Effect in History

Instead of making Powerpoints or by hand posters, why not try a digital poster? Students can make these posters interactive with music, sound, and videos. If they are creating a report on Martin Luther King, Jr. they can upload his speech and attach it to Glogster. Any web links they find can be added to enable other students and teachers to view more facts about what they are creating their poster on. Videos of a historical event can be uploaded.

Because it is fun and students love creating Glogs. Who says things have to be boring to be educational?

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Teaching Tool - Introduce a lesson

Why would I use Glogster EDU in my Social Studies Class?

What are some ways I could use Glogster EDU in my Social Studies Class?

Glogs can be embedded into web pages, blogs, and wikis. Great collaboration tools and communication with global partners.

Examples of Glogs:


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