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Miyamoto Musashi


1584-Born in Mimasaka or Harima1597-Kills a man in single combat and later becomes a ronin (masterless samurai) 1643-Starts working on his books 'Go Rin No Sho' and The Book of Five Rings1645-his books are published and he dies

Miyamoto Musahi killed a man in single combat leading to him being a ronin (masterless samureai)in 1597.Miyamoto begins writing 'Go Rin No Sho' in 1643.MIyamoto also begins writing The Book of The Five Rings.

Lasting Impact

Miyamoto Musashi has created books that can teach you how samurais thought, trained, focused.Books that can teach early Japanese literature or philosophy.





Miyamoto Musashi is born in 1584 Mimasaka or Harima Japan.He was a child until he had a battle.This battle was going to change his life for ever. The battle Miyamoto participated in happened when he was 13.Miyamoto brave and all battled the defeat of his opponent.In samurai talk Miyamoto really actually killed his opponent.This lead to Miyamoto's reputation as a ronin (masterless samurai). 'Go Rin No Sho' was one of the books Miyamoto started in 1643.This book thaught of great Japanese Philosophy.This book in reality was acctually 5 scrolls of philosophy. The Book of Five Rings was another great books of Miyamoto.This book thaught of the way of a samurai.You would learn tricks and teachings on how to combat.If you wanted to learn how to be a proffesionally trained samurai this book would teach you.


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