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Miyamoto Musashi


1584?-Year born1612-Dueled with Sasaki Kojiro1614-1615-Served at Osaka Castle1640-accepted service with the Hosokawa clan1643-began work on his book, Gorin no sho 1643-Musashi died

Miyamoto Musashi's biggest accomplishment is his book that he wrote, Gorin no sho.Musashi was an artist who mostly painted self-portraits and naturescapes. Musashi was also remembered for using a simple bamboo sword which he used to deadly affect.

Lasting Impact

During the 1980's, American businessmen regarded Musashi's own book, Gorin no sho, as a glimpse into the japanese mind. His artwork and swordsmanship are still highly regarded to this day.


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Miyamoto Musashi


Miyamoto Musashi


Miyamoto Musashi the famed samurai swordsman was actually born Shinmen Takezo in Harima Province. He was a common soldier for Ukita at the battle of Sekigahara. He claimed to have defeated his first opponent at the age 13 and then claimed victory over Akiyama of the Tajima Province, After 1600 he went to Kyoto and was involved with the battle of the Yoshioka School of Swordsmanship. He had a disfiguring skin condition coupled with his lack of personal hygiene so his appearence was revolting. He spent much time traveling perfecting his swordsmanship and was known as the brooding wandering samurai. In 1645 he finished his famous book, Gorin no sho, the same year he died.


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