Mitosis vs Meiosis

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Mitosis vs Meiosis

Mitosis vsMeiosis

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One Chromosome DNA replication The chromosomes The cell splits Each of the chromosomesfrom the dad and occurs . come together and a into 2. split and splits into 4. Eachone from the mom. little of each parent goes Chromosome is different . All on each other. the parts of the chromsomes splits . This happens when sperm and eggs are created


The difference between mitosis and meiosis


A period of The chromosome In this stage, the In Anaphase, The In the last stage cell growth and become visible chromosome line chromosomes split of Mitosis, the normal activity. If and they move to the up in the middle apart and become chromosomes the cell does not ends of the cell. of the cell. individual chromosome. go to the endsneed to split, It of the cell and copies all of its DNA form two newand creates two nuclear membranescopies of the DNA

The difference between meiosis and mitosis is that meiosis is the process of making sex cells or gametes. The cell splits two times and it results in 4 gametes. In mitosis, the cell divides into 2, and it only splits one time, and they are both identical. It is used for the growth and development of tissues, fibers and membranes. Meiosis is used to sexually reproduce offspring. During meiosis, the chromosomes cross together, and a little of the mom's chromsome goes on the dad and a little of the dad's chromosome goes on the mom. This happens so that the baby or offspring are genetically different, and it shows the mix between the mom and the dad.


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