Mitosis and Meiosis

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Mitosis and Meiosis



Mitosis-Prophase-1st stage of cell division-the nuclear membrance disappears-chormatin coils into chromosomes-centrioles move to opposite poles

Mitosis-Telophase-Chromososmes reach each end of the poles and DNA uncoils to form chromatin-Nuclear membrane reforms around each chromatin-The chromosomes disperse

Mitosis-Anaphase-Each chormatid is considered a seperate chromosome-The spindle fibers contract and pull the chromosome, one set toward each pole

Mitosis-Interphase-Referred to as the resting stage, resting meaning not dividing rather than not doing anything.-storing energy in ATPChromatin is duplicated

Mitosis-Metaphase-The centromere of each pair is connected to a spindle fiber-the centromeres divide-spindle fibers align the pairs of chromatids along the equator of the cell

Meiosis-Interphase-Chromatin duplicates

Meiosis-Prophase-Nuclear membrane dissolves-Chromatin coils into chromosomes-Synapsis occurs (2 red are pulled together, 2 black are pulled together)

Meiosis-Metaphase-Chromosomes are pulled to the middle of the cell

Meiosis-Anaphase-Chromosomes are pulled to oppsite ends of the cell

Meiosis-Telophase-Cytokinesis splits the cell in half-Nuclear membrane regrows


Meiosis-Metaphase-Chromosomes pull to the middle of the cell

Meiosis-Telophase-Cytokinesis splits the cell in half again-Nuclear membrane reforms in all four cells-Chromatids will unwind back into chromatin

Meiosis-Prophase-Nuclear membrane redissolves-Spindle fibers reform

Meiosis-Anaphase-Chromatids are pulled to opposite ends of the cell-Chromosomes are pulled apart



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