Mitosis and Blood Typing

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Mitosis and Blood Typing


Blood Typing

Vocabulary Terms Keep scrolling down to view all the terms Gene - A segment of DNA that transmits information from parents to offspringChromosome - A DNA molecule that coils and twists into a dense structureChromatids - Two identical copies of each chromosomeDiploid - When a cell contains two homologues of each chromosomeHaploid - When a cell contains only one homologue of each chromosomeGametes - The egg and sperm cell (reproductive cells)Zygote - A fertilized egg cell, the first cell of a new individualMonosomy - Missing even one chromosome (Do not survive during development)Trisomy - Extra chromosomeDown Syndrome - A genetic disorder where an individual has an extra chromosome on the 21st pairMutation - Changes in the genetic materialDeletion – When a chromosome breaks offsDuplication – The chromosome carries an extra pair of homologous chromosomesTranslocation – The joining to a non homologous pair

Vocabulary TermsKeep scrolling down to view all the terms G1 Phase - The growth phase of a cellS Phase - DNA is copiedG2 Phase - Preparations are made for nuclear divisionM Phase - Mitosis occursMitosis - The process by which the nucleas of the cell is dividedC Phase - When the cytoplasm divides during the process called cytokinesisInterphase - The G, S, and G2 phases make up the Interphase. A cell spends a majority of its life in this phase

Vocabulary TermsKeep scrolling down to view all the terms Red Blood Cells (Erythrocytes) – The most abundant cells in our blood; they are produced in the bone marrow and contain a protein called hemoglobin that carries oxygen to our cells.White Blood Cells (Leukocytes) – They are part of the immune system and destroy infectious agents called pathogens. Plasma – This is the yellowish liquid portion of blood that contains electrolytes, nutrients and vitamins, hormones, clotting factors, and proteins such as antibodies to fight infection. Platelets(Thrombocytes) – The clotting factors that are carried in the plasma; they clot together in a process called coagulation to seal a wound and prevent a loss of blood.




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