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Planets & Astronomy

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Mitchell TH

Maria Mitchell

In 1848 she was appointed as the first woman to the Acadmy of Arts and Sciences

1.Maria Mitchell was the first woman US professional astronmer. 2. She was awarded a gold medal from the King of Denmark for discovering the comet of 1847. 3.In 1853 she was awarded the first advanced degree given to a woman from Indiana Hanover College.4.She became the first professor at Vassar College in 1865. She taught the fist astronomy classes there.

Maria Mitchell discovered the comet of 1847. They named it Comet Mitchell 1847VI. It was nicknamed "Miss Mitchell's Comet"

At age 12 and 1/2 she helped her father calculate the exact moment of an annular eclipse.

By Taelisen Hutson

The Maria Mitchell Association promotes her legacy and science and exploration.



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