Sarah Sarette: Misty Start

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Sarah Sarette: Misty Start

Pictured left is me on my family's lobster boat. Thomaston is a small town of 2,700 people who rely heavily on the fishing and tourism industries. 97% of residents identify as white, and the median gross income is $46,000.

As Recreation and Leisure Director for one of the only towns in Maine that offer FREE services to residents, I am able to interact with families from all socio-economic situations and age groups. We offer youth sports, adult sports, fitness programs, art programs, and senior programs to our community. In the video to the left, you will see a trip we took to TD Garden to watch the Celtics take on the Bulls. Our group was able to watch warm-ups from courtside. For most of the attending children, this was an opportunity normally unattainable due to family financial restrictions.


Misty Start

Mountaineering is a significant hobby of mine. The photo above was taken of me at Independence Pass in Colorado at 12,000 feet. I have also done some trips on the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and a short, but notable hike in the Himalayan Mountains outside of Kathmandu, Nepal. I also enjoy canoeing and kayaking whitewater.



Coldest and hotest inhabited places


Much of my free time is spent volunteering with Trekkers, Inc., an outdoor, adventure based mentoring program for 7-12th grade students. I have led expeditions to Colorado, Utah, New England, and the Eastern seaboard.

My parents would have been considered low income by Maine standards when I was growing up. My grandparents took me in when I was in high school to ensure I would have access to all of the opportunities I needed to become a first generation college graduate.

Family Life


The most important value I was taught and still hold to, is that of giving. Give more than you receive, and give with a loving heart. I recognize that my story is remarkable given my circumstances growing up, and I feel fortunate that I am now in a place to give back to my local community, global community, and my family. Pictured left is a photo of a group of children in Thomaston I was able to enlist to work on refugee relief kits last week.


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