Mistclan Newz

by Creakstar
Last updated 8 years ago

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Mistclan Newz

Other Clans'TigerclanLightningclanStreamclanSunclanForestclan

Task'sWarrior's- Hunting patrols, Border patrols, and MentoringApprentices- Hunting patrols, Border patrols, and training sessionsDeputy- Patrols, Mentoring, and Organizing patrols

Clan Member'sCreakstar LightningtheifSunleap ShockclawWindpelt FoxtalonWildflames MintclawThundertail ShadowstrikeBreezeflight PichustrikeForesttalon SpiderfangSkywatcher Brackenfur

New Warrior'sForesttalon BrackenfurSpiderfangSkywatcherBreezeflight

Creakstar's Newz!All hunting and border patrols must have at least one warrior and has to have 2-3 people.


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